About Pastor Travis Mitchell

With our Pastor it is all about Jesus!!! Jesus is our greatest need for the present hour and for every hour. This will always be the case! Everything we hope to be as a person is found in the person and work of Jesus Christ!  His life, death, and resurrection is the only message that can do any real good in our lives. Only Jesus is good news. Pastor Travis loves how Jesus invites weary, burdened, stressed out, broken and guilty people to find God's love, forgiveness, grace, mercy and rest. God loves you more than you can imagine not because you are good, but because He is. There is no One like Him!

Pastor Travis has a deep love for the person and good news message of Jesus Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit and cultivating God's unity in diversity. He wants to help people, like yourself, to see just how good Jesus' good news really is. Pastor Travis said YES to Jesus in July 1993. He was called by God before the creation of the world. All of his sins are completely forgiven. He is amazed that he has the privilege of personally knowing the One in whom all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden. He delights that knowing Him begins now and will continue for all of eternity. 

Pastor Travis is the husband to Amber Joy for over 20 years and the father of 4 children: Roman, Justice, Courage and Shalom. His formal education includes a Master of Divinity in Pastoral Counseling from Denver Theological Seminary and a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Utah State University. Before coming to FBC Brewster in September 2014, Pastor Travis replanted and then pastored that church for over 10 years in Salt Lake City, Utah.    

Pastor Travis and Amber Joy feel a calling by God to help people in the Northeast area taste and see the grace and love that they personally have found in Christ. In everything they do, they lead people towards one single name . . . JESUS. Jesus is better than anyone or anything here on earth. Jesus knows the worst about you yet loves you more than you can imagine. Jesus is stronger than any sin that has a grip on you. Jesus is wiser than any advice you have received. Jesus is more valuable than any earthly gift or possession you have or will ever have. 

Pastor Travis' entire ministry has been and always will be to inspire people to take their next step in following Jesus through the prayerful reflection of the inspired Word of God!

Pastor Travis has been passionately teaching the Bible for over 20 years. To hear his messages click here.