Disciple-Making Resources

Here at FBC Brewster our mission is to make disciples who make disciples. This pursuit glorifies God and obeys Jesus' words in Matthew 28:19-20. Below are some FREE helpful resources for you to 1) know where you are as a disciple and 2) what are the next steps God would have you to take in being a disciple who then makes disciples just like Jesus did!

Biblical Definition of Discipleship from Matthew 4:19 by Bobby Harrington

5 Stages of Spiritual Maturity

4 Disciple Making Essentials to Make Disciples - Discipleship.org

5 Myths that Stall Disciple-Making in a Local Church - Replicate.org

FREE Assessment to Discover where you are in Making Disciples

(this takes 20 minutes but it does require you to register)

FREE Assessment to Discover Your Stage of Emotional & Spiritual Maturity

(this takes 15 minutes and it does not require you to register)

Whom Should I Disciple? - Discipleship.org

Finally, click here if you are interested in going through a Personal Disciple-Making Plan for yourself that Pastor Travis designed. 

If you are looking for something to take another Christian through consider the following: (perhaps you will want to go through it yourself first)

 - Knowing and applying the essential beliefs of Christianity try The Purple Book by Steve Murrell

- Studying the new identity that God has given you try Who Am I? and the Many Scriptures that reveal who God says we are in Christ. 

- Read through this FREE ebook called Identity Theft: Reclaiming The Truth of Who We Are in Christ?