How to Help Children Say "YES" to Jesus

Study after study keep saying the same thing - children are most receptive to saying YES to Jesus.  Therefore, parents/grandparents - let's do our part by praying and sharing.  Below are resources for you as a parent/grandparent to help a child say YES to Jesus. Thank you to Awana Ministries for these helpful resources. 

Age Appropriate Ways to Share the Gospel PDF

A nine-page PDF walking through helpful tips to share the Gospel in age-appropriate ways with infants and toddlers, preschoolers, early elementary-aged children, upper elementary aged children, as well as middle and high school-aged students.

Belong, Believe, Become in Light of the Gospel PDF

A simple four-page PDF connecting our child discipleship philosophy of Belong, Believe and Become with the Gospel.

Do’s and Don’ts for Sharing the Gospel PDF

A three-page PDF including do’s and don’ts as you share the Gospel with kids, as well as four foundational reasons we share the Gospel with kids.

Sharing the Gospel Lead With Relationship PDF

An easy-to-read two-page PDF to encourage you to lead with relationship when sharing the Gospel, as well was four practical ways to include your testimony as you share the Gospel with kids.

Giving Your Child a Gospel Immersed Life PDF

A two-page PDF to help you create a Gospel-immersed environment for the children you disciple in your local church and home.

When a Child Says Yes to Jesus PDF

Best of all, a two-page PDF including eight helpful next steps to help a child enter into a life of discipleship to Jesus.

If you child/grandchild likes videos here are two to show them and then talk to them about Jesus' good news. 

90 Seconds of Good News

The Story of the Bible

If your child/grandchild does say 'yes' to Jesus let us know so that we can celebrate with you. Contact us at or 845-279-2636.