Day Parking

THANK YOU for Your Generous Support in Changing Lives!!

Parking is available Monday – Friday with a suggested donation of $5.00 per day.

Q: How Do I Use FBC Parking Lots?

A: Pull into either the Main Street or Oak Street parking lots. From the black mailboxes retrieve a Donation Envelope and put your donation in that envelope and place it back into the mailbox. That's It! 

Parking is on a first-come-first-serve basis, so try to arrive early!

If you have questions give us a call a (845) 279-2636 and we'll gladly help you!

Examples of how your day parking Donations are changing lives:


Community Events – Egg Hunt, Ragamuffin Parade, Soccer Camp, VBS, Christmas Day luncheon.

Winter Homeless Shelter - Providing a hot meal & shower, a warm safe place to sleep for those without these basic necessities through the winter.

Soup Kitchen - Along with Putnam CAP volunteers feeding 3 meals a week.