Crucial Conversations (July 2024)

We are called to live in community with each other—but we all know how messy that can be. Hard/crucial conversations are a part of life. Whether it’s confronting a friend about sin, reconciling with someone over a past hurt, giving a coworker negative feedback, or working through a major disagreement with your spouse, hard conversations serve as a regular reminder that our lives, our relationships, and our world are broken and in need of restoration. Our natural tendency might be to avoid hard conversations. However, ignoring problems doesn’t make them go away; it just gives them time to fester and grow. Instead of avoiding or dreading hard conversations, you can choose to look at them as an opportunity. They are an opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and truth; to disciple others; to grow yourself; and to provide a compelling witness to a watching world.  But how? 

Join Pastor Travis will lead you in a teaching series to help you navigate conversations that need to happen with tips from God’s Word to guide you before, during and after these conversations.

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 am (preferably in-person if you can). We do offer live-stream via Facebook and YouTube.

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