Our Beliefs


THE WORD OF GOD: God wrote the book so that makes it inspired and authoritative. The Bible is also the most trustworthy, historical and reliable book there is!  

THE TRINITY: God is one and He is also three – the divine mystery that we are invited to enter, experience, and enjoy!

GOD THE FATHER: The perfect reflection of what a Father should be and how He wants a personal, all satisfying relationship with you that no earthly parent can ever provide!

GOD THE SON: God came down in human flesh to reflect and show how great, loving, and good the Father is!

GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT: God is always present to encourage, equip and empower us to serve Him by serving others!

HUMANITY: God’s greatest creation decided to live life their way but some have realized that life, the good life, is found only in Jesus Christ!

SALVATION & THE GOSPEL: God’s only way to connect with Him through a personal and public relationship with Him!

THE CHURCH: God’s design for community is to be the hands, feet, heart and mouth of Christ to a hurting and broken world. This is why the church is the hope of the world!

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