Our Strategy

FBC desires to see people connect and involve themselves in the life of the church. 

This does not usually happen without being intentional. The two main reasons that people don’t get involved are not knowing how and not knowing people. To be clear it is God alone who can change and form us into Him. However, the church’s responsibility is to provide environments for God to do just that. We believe the environments will help us move closer to being the church . . . everyone, everywhere, everyday.   

Consider a church’s strategy like a road map. Therefore, see a visual picture of FBC's strategy.

Below are the 5 environments we encourage people to connect and involve themselves with:

Front Door - a main entryway

These are group environments that are places where guests could come and start to learn about God and experience a taste to the life and purpose of FBC. Our worship services, outreach events and our Getting to Know FBC class are some examples of our front door environments. 

Living Room - a room where people can sit, talk and listen

Living Rooms are designed so that people can connect to others and encourage one another in the next step of our journeys with God. This life is not meant to be lived alone.

Kitchen - a room equipped for serving others

Our volunteers teams who serve FBC and beyond with the redemptive love and message of Jesus.

Study - a quiet room

These are places where we experience God through studying His Word, praying, fasting and singing to Him that fuels our faith to be church to others.

Neighborhood - the surrounding area

As you go to work, volunteer, shop, run errands or exercise be the church because by God’s grace an power - you are the church. Make Jesus visible to them in whatever you say or do.