21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Jan 1-21, 2022

The last several years, FBC Brewster, has participated with hundreds of other churches with prayer and fasting with our Christ-centered association - Converge Worldwide. This year we will pray through Jesus' Sermon on the Mount called the Upside Down KingdomIn terms of sheer impact, no speech has transformed the world more than the one given by Jesus on the mountainside. In fact, most great speeches are simply piggybacking on the thoughts and principles in Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. And it begins with some of the most shocking, upside-down statements ever made.  

Click below to download a copy to our electronic device:

Download English PDF Version

Download Spanish PDF Version

Digital (for smartphone or app use only - Epub and iBook)

Also, we encourage you to fast as your seek and pray the King's agenda. Below are some different ways to fast during these 21 days.

1) Full Fast - drink liquids only for a designated period of time

2) Partial Fast - not eating for 1 or 2 meals on a day or abstaining from certain kinds of foods for a designated period of time.

3) All-Day Fast - abstaining from food one day or multiple days per week.

4) Activity/Media Fast - abstaining from a time-consuming activity as TV, movies, a particular hobby, internet, etc. for a designated period of time. 

If you have any questions please contact the church.