Our Measures

Measures provide the standard by which our mission can be evaluated with respect to an individual's development through the ministry of the church. Measures are "What people become" on their spiritual journey. So as we look at our mission of why FBC exists, the question becomes: what does the mission mean to me personally? 

Measures answer this all important question:  

What does it look like to follow Jesus?

See a visual picture of how we describe our measures.

You will seee our 6 attributes that reflect if FBC is being successful in our mission: mind for truth, heart for God, mouth for encouraging, hands for serving, knees for praying, and feet for going. Also, it is good to process our spiritual groth by asking ourselves questions. Below are some suggested questions that God's grace and power we are being the church . . . everyone, everywhere, everyday.

Mind for Truth

  • Am I arranging my life with practices and people that will encourage me to ground my life in God’s Truth? 
  • Am I continually depending on God’s Truth to guide my decisions?
  • Am I approaching the Bible as the inspired and authoritative Truth and that I filter everything I hear and read through what the Bible says? 

Mouth for Encouraging

  • Am I speaking words of blessing to others including myself?
  • Who am I introducing to Jesus that God dearly misses to Jesus? 
  • Who am I inviting to take the next step with Jesus in their journey with Him?

Heart for God

  • Am I living with God glorifying and Christ-centered priorities? 
  • Am I desiring to pursue God as your greatest treasure and reward?
  • Am I allowing like-minded Christians to invest in me and I in them? 

Hands for Serving

  • Am I serving with humility, joy, and sacrifice? 
  • Am I using my God-given gifts and passion to serve my local and global neighbors in Jesus name?

Knees for Praying

  • Am I praying God’s Word, individually and corporately with and for others?
  • Am I listening to God on how He wants to use you to be the answer to someone else’s prayer?
  • Where am I desperately depending on God for today? 

Feet for Going

  • Am I embracing the hard, stretching things God calling me to do? 
  • Am I practicing the ministry of His presence to those in need?  
  • Am I multiplying the life of Christ in me to others? 

When we see these parts of our body in action individually and as a church body then we can have a better sense we are living to make the body of Jesus visible to our local and global neighbors.