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Coloring brings me peace - Melissa V.


Many years ago a mentor once told me, "Travis, life is like two rails on a railroad track and at all times you have something good and something bad." Before this I thought you have good and bad seasons but what my mentor told me altered my perspective for what I have gone through in life, including the COVID pandemic. No matter what is going on in life there is always good and encouraging things - always! There is also things that grieve your heart - always. Yet God is the God of all that is encouraging and grieving in your life. Praise God for this. For me, during this pandemic a song that I have sung many times to keep my focus on this truth that God is the God of the encouraging (hills) and grieving (valleys) moments is a song called Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells. Here is the YouTube link to listen to the song if you would like - -- Travis M.

While I'm grieving the things that I'm missing, like going to Broadway shows or seeing friends for coffee, I love having my family home. --  Mary N.

We have taken this opportunity to be much more intentional about practicing gratitude.  There is always so much to be thankful for amidst all of the current disruptions.  It doesn't mean we have to ignore what's challenging and what we're grieving...but that we hold space for both. -- Jenna v

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