In-Person Sunday Gatherings

Our in-person Sunday gatherings have resumed since the summer. Click here to watch a What to Expect video for our in-person services. We will still be live streaming for those who do not feel comfortable. If that is you then that is truly okay. 

If you do decide to join us then our service will look and feel different as we implemented precautions. Please review these precautions before you decide if you would like to come. If you do decide please email with your name and how many people will be coming due to spacing concerns given to us by NY State. 

Here are some of the temporary precautions we are taking:

  • The seats in the Sanctuary will be arranged so that a 6-foot distance is maintained between each person/household group. The balcony will be open as well. Signage will be posted to remind individuals to maintain 6-foot physical distancing.
  • Children’s Sunday School and Nursey will not be offered. We hope this can resume in the Fall.
  • The use of masks will be required and they must be worn throughout the entire service - including kids (we will provide masks if needed).
  • Doors will be open to the church at 10:15 am. When you enter the church, the door will be propped open, you will be asked to find a seat and remain there until the service is complete
  • Use of the Café or other common areas inside the church will not be permitted for congregating (feel free to meet outside).
  • We will ask high-risk individuals, per CDC guidelines, to stay home and watch our live stream.
  • If you feel sick or think you might have been around someone who is sick, please stay home.
  • When the service is over please remain in your seats until an usher directs you to exit. We will have two exits:  one in the front and one the back. Your exit will be determined by where you are sitting. All exit doors will be propped open.

Read Pastor Travis' June 11th letter outlining precautions

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