Take 5 for 5 - Encourage One Another

One of the core values of our amazing church is No One Stands Alone. This value is rooted in Scripture like Hebrews 10:23-25, 1 Thess. 5:11, Romans 12:10 where we want to encourage and be devoted to one another out of the love that Christ has shown us. This value is especially relevant right now with all of us staying at home to save lives.

This is why I am encouraging us to make a mental note to spend 5 minutes a day during the week to reach out to one person be it in our church or a neighbor, a coworker. You can text, call, email, send a note of encouragement, write out a prayer or say a prayer for them. Asking simple and thoughtful questions is more important now than ever. Ask them how they are doing, if they need anything and how you can be praying for them.

I am calling this simple reminder Take 5 for 5.  Of course, we want to be mindful of others all the time but there are certain times where it is good and healthy to heighten our awareness to encourage one another so that no one feels alone. This is one of those times in the coming months. I am confident this simple reminder of Take 5 for 5 will help us to embrace our identity of being the church. Now below are some questions you may be wondering about?

Who do I pick? This is up to you but remember the person you reach out does not have to in the church. 

Do I just pick 5 people and reach out to them every week?  You have freedom. You could do this or you could just allow God to lead you in the person to encourage for that day.

When do I do this? This is up to you. Depending on how you are wired, a specific time each day like 12:10 pm to remind you of Romans 12:10 or 5:11 pm as a reminder of 1 Thess. 5:11 may be helpful. Others of us that is not helpful and you would to be free to do it whenever you choose. The key is freedom.

Can I do more than one person per day?  Absolutely! Take 5 for 5 is just there to make us think of encouraging others in our routine and rhythms are so disrupted right now. 

What if I forget to encourage someone for a day? That’s okay. We will all have days like that. The heart of this Take 5 for 5 is not a checklist to follow rather a helpful reminder to reach out and encourage people inside and outside the church so that people do not feel alone.

Go and be the church to those God puts on your heart!

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