That Thing We Do

This 10 week message series will explore the meaning and purpose of some of the key Christian acts that are expressed in the life of a local church. Some might view these acts as religious rituals based on their experiences but these acts are rooted in the great story of God and Jesus' good new! Join us as we discover why the church does the acts below not only for ourselves but also to explain it to those who are new to the Christian faith.  

Community (Jan. 14th)

Baptism (Jan. 21st)

Fasting (Jan. 28th)

Praying (Feb. 4th)

Evangelizing (Feb. 11th)

Serving (Feb. 18th)

Preaching (Feb. 25th)

Communion (Mar. 4th)

Singing (Mar. 11th)

Giving (Mar. 18th)  

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