A Journey through 1 Corinthians

The city of Corinth has been described between a mixture of Las Vegas and New York City – a popular city known for its sin, its largeness and its diversity. Corinth is where the Apostle Paul preached Jesus and planted a church here in 50 AD.  Yet it didn’t take long for this local church to start having serious, messy issues in the church.  A few years later Paul writes a letter dealing with many practical issues and theological confusion. Yet Paul thanks God for them. He writes about the evidence of God’s grace in their lives because these messy people with messy issues have a beautiful and powerful Savior. And this is great news for us today because God doesn’t give up on messy people or messy churches. We can have confidence that Jesus and His good news message is making a beautiful portrait from the puzzle of our messy lives, individually and within a local faith family.

Join us on Sunday mornings in 2017 as we unpack this beautiful mess that Jesus still loves His church right here in Brewster and all around the world, despite the messiness of our lives and that truly is beautiful.

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