A colleague, our department housekeeper, struggles to provide for her extended family. She is diabetic and suffers from painful neuropathy. Her doctor recommended high dose vitamins which she cannot afford and will not use money she needs for her family to buy vitamins for herself. I have been providing her with the vitamins and medication counseling for her and her family. We pray together at work for our families, colleagues and patients. She is a blessing to all she works with.


Mental health is on the rise and I knew someone who struggles with their mental well being. I sensed God asking me to call this person and ask them are you okay? Later asked them I know life is a struggle but how bad and painful has it gotten for you? This allowed them to just to talk and I ended the conversation by blessing them with the gift of prayer. Who do you know that might need you to ask them are you okay?


Someone was going to have surgery and their recovery was going to be weeks so just asked what is one of your favorite meals? They responded and made it for them. It met a physical need but more than that showed God's tangible presence that this person is loved and cared.


I knew that a community leader in Brewster needed some encouragement. They were weary and exhausted from all the changes and criticism due to the pandemic, so I sent them a written out prayer asking God to refresh them based on Proverbs 11:25. Their response to their prayer was well received. They even mentioned it made them cry.


I asked God to lead me to an opportunity and while in a local store, a book stood out to me. It was called "1,000 Prayers for Difficult Times." In the section dedicated to prayers for financial struggles, the Lord led me to leave a surprising donation and pray for the unknown person who God has appointed to receive His encouragement and blessing.