What is 150 for Jesus?

In 2021, as we commemorate 150 years of the church building, we want to magnify Jesus, the One who was the Author and still is the Sustainer of FBC.  Therefore, as a faith family we will celebrate "150 years for Jesus" by spotlighting Jesus through a variety of Purposeful Acts of Kindness.

Our goal is to bless our community with at least 150 Purposeful Acts of Kindness.

So, what are Purposeful Acts of Kindness?

A purposeful act of kindness in Jesus' name is God leading your words and actions to a specific need of another so they can experience Jesus.

Each of you can play a part in reaching and, Lord willing, exceeding this goal of 150 acts. We all have many opportunities to brightly shine the love of Christ into the hearts of our community. Purposeful  Acts of Kindness puts the attention not on ourselves or even the other person but on God and what He desires to communicate to a person. 

Through FBC’s 150 for Jesus celebration ministry, you can express God’s kindness in Jesus’ name to people whom you know and those whom God will bring into your life this year.

How Do I Get started? 

The best thing is to seek God first through prayer, take notice of people’s needs and respond.

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Encourage Others by Telling Your Story

Be sure to come back to this page each time you complete a Purposeful Act of Kindness. This way you can encourage other with your ministry and see how our brothers and sisters are impacting lives in the name of Jesus.

As of 8/18/21, 46 out of 150 lives have been reached for Jesus